An Advisory Approach To

The Business OfReal EstateCOMMERCIAL Real EstateRESIDENTIAL Real EstateMANAGING & LEASING Real EstateFINANCING Real Estate

An Advisory Approach To

The Business of

Real EstateCOMMERCIAL Real EstateRESIDENTIAL Real EstateMANAGING Real Estate& LEASING Real EstateFINANCING Real Estate

About Us

Taylor Street is a dynamic group of real estate focused companies that are
collectively working for our clients to provide strategic advisory services in
commercial, residential, finance and property management.

Our Approach

As advisors, we take an innovative approach to our client’s needs. Utilizing our unique symbiotic relationship among our investment, financing and property management advisors, our objective is to understand the whole picture.

For investors, we start with a discussion about our client’s investment ideals, risk tolerance and return objectives. Through our experience, relationships and proprietary data, we then work to identify property types, building qualities, tenancies and opportunistic sub-markets.  Driven by our process, we collectively formulate an investment strategy.

For existing owners, we take a comprehensive approach to our client’s entire operations. We perform intricate analyses of expenses line by line, capital improvement plans as well as the owner’s marketing, leasing and management strategies. Based on our decades of operational experience, property management and asset enhancement; we identify the challenges and opportunities to formulate an operational strategy that will enhance expense efficiencies and top line revenue growth. We keep our clients ahead of the curve.

We view these opportunities through a different lens with our innovative approach because we are a full service real estate firm. We have specialists in disposition and acquisition services, financing, management, leasing, construction, marketing and design. Together, we work to provide a competitive advantage for our clients. We have the tools, the talent, the relationships and the experience to implement our client’s defined strategy.


Our proprietary processes and procedures enable us to execute these objectives whether it be investing, selling, financing, leasing, or managing.

This is the advisory approach to the business of real estate.
This is The Taylor Street Way.

Meet Our Team

Patrick O’Meara

Managing Principal and Founder

Brian D. Tranetzki

Principal & Co-Founder

Crystal Becerril

SVP of Property Management & Finance

Sophia Baron

VP of Investments

Andrea Weaver

Asst. VP of Property Management

Kayla Kochanuski

VP of Operations & Senior Analyst

Baylee Estrada

Transaction Manager

Jazmin Collazo

Operations Analyst

Jason Carthen

Leasing Manager & Sales Advisor

Maria Quintero

Sr. Real Estate Manager

Jake Baratz

Vice President of Investments

Eric Thomas

Investment Advisor

Jordan Franklin

Investment Advisor

Brendan Jost

Investment Advisor

Nick Martinez

Associate Director

David Barney

Investment Advisor & Sales Advisor

Cari Castillo

Sales Advisor

Mike Giacone

Property Management Intern

Alex Molander

Investment Advisor Intern